Constellation Dice: Apollo 50th Anniversary Edition

Created by Gio Lasar Design

All orders will be mailed from Italy, with an expected transit time of two to six weeks pending customs and destination. Having successfully sent thousands of parcels worldwide, and since international tracked shipping can be much more expensive than the dice you are getting, shipments will be untracked unless agreed beforehand. Shipping fees are based on weight, and are usually under €10 for Europe and USA (ranging from €5 for the smallest packages, to €20 for heavy ones).

Est. Shipping: 05/2020

00. SPECIAL: Magestudio

01. BackerKit Stretch Goals

02. Bundles

03. Couples

04. Singles Conspiracy Bundle

05. Singles Apollo 7 Stretch Goals (numbered)

07. Singles Apollo 7 Standard

08. A Dice Odyssey

09. Eclipse d10

10. FATE / Fudge d6

11. Best Price